Scanning Overview
Quality reproductions start with scanning your art into a digital format. It is the first step in the giclee printmaking process. We can take virtually any piece of artwork, flat or three dimensional, and digitally capture it. We recommend that your artwork be scanned at the highest resolution possible to not only achieve sharpness and detail, but to give you versatility. You then have the flexibility to use our scans for giclee prints, postcards, business cards, and web graphics. Scan once…use many times. We use a Better Light 8000 digital scanning device. The Better Light is one of the best direct scanning devices on the market today.

Printing Overview
Giclée Printing. Giclée is a French word (pronounced Zhee-Clay) which means “to spray”. Giclée fine art prints are produced digitally on high quality inkjet printers, which have the capability to reproduce a much wider range of colors than conventional processes, due to the specially formulated inks and media used. Proofing is THE COLLABORATIVE event. We provide a proven method as a starting place to achieve the best print possible. With you communicating the intent and feel of the original art, you give direction for proofing. During this time we discuss the merits of each proof and make the adjustments that are so critical in achieving a final print that you are pleased with. Artists can arrange to be on site and directly involved throughout the proofing session. Remote proofing can also be done for artists out of state. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist. When we have your art scanned and proofed, you then have the ability to print on demand as you need them. Our ink set. According to Epson and third party independent research results, Epson’s pigment ink set is the most stable ink available on the market at this time (100-200 years under normal conditions), and also have a wider color gamut which will enhance the reproduction quality of our giclee prints even more than before. Long lasting print materials. It is important to recognize that the combination of both ink and paper determine the longevity of a print. We have fine art papers and canvas that exhibit exceptional detail , color and longevity. Experimental print materials. There are many materials we can print on which look beautiful that don’t have a known print life. We recognize that sometimes a “look” is the most important factor when printing. We can work with you to provide stunning print options on a variety of materials. Contact us with your material questions. Print sizes can be up to 44 inches wide by virtually any length.

Prints On Canvas

Our canvas prints are produced using the very best materials and the latest Ultrachrome inks, which have a display life in excess of 75 years, when displayed indoors, out of direct sunlight. Canvas prints include a varnish and u.v. protected coating in the cost of the print.
Canvas gallery wraps. We’ll print your image on canvas and wrap it around stretcher bars. Suitable for hanging without a frame.
You have a choice of edge treatments.

  • White ( the default edge treatment)
  • Black (or any other color)
  • Image wrap (where the image wraps around and behind the frame.)

Rolled Canvas. We’ll print your image on canvas and ship it to you rolled.

Prints On Paper

6aOur paper prints are a good choice for print projects that need to convey a sense of timelessness or quality, such as limited edition prints. Contact us for options.






Prints On Fabric

8aOur fabric prints are an elegant, lightweight, water resistant, fabric with a very tight, barely discernible weave. it combines a nice smooth feel with a bright-white surface ideal for reproducing colorful, finely detailed images and designs. It drapes beautifully and is also a good choice for backlit displays. These prints can be displayed without glass or plex. These prints are a great alternative to canvas when a smoother texture is desired.


“I have worked with Mark and Beverly for 15 years. They have expertly scanned and superbly printed my entire body of work, and have made it possible for me to sell giclée prints of my originals in all sizes on many different surfaces. With their scans, I also sell greeting cards and many other printed products. Their skill is unparalleled in the field.” -Julia Leigh, Artist