Our prints have been on display in the National Gallery, the Smithsonian, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and private collections around the world.

Who We Are: We are a digital fine art print studio that specializes in giclée prints. With over twenty years of digital imaging experience, painters and photographers draw upon our abilities to produce giclée print reproductions and fine art originals.

What We Do: We provide art services for the creation of museum quality giclée prints. In our studio, artists are free to pursue their creative goals. We work closely with artists in a collaborative environment in which we combine the technical and aesthetic processes.

Services We Provide: • Custom fine art printing • Large format scanning • Digital image retouching • Free color managed proofing • Image archiving • Print finishing • Art consultations

Connect With Us

Email: info@bambamgrafix.com

Phone: 612-234-2877
Location: Bam Bam Grafix LLC 1002 Studio #207 Mainstreet Hopkins, MN 55343

Especially for Artists
Our clientele base consists of established professionals as well as emerging artists. We will provide you with the highest degree of excellence whether you are a working professional artist or a passionate hobbyist. Have an upcoming show? After we digitally capture your art, we can also design and print postcards or brochures of any size or style for your upcoming art or photography event. We would love to set up a free consultation with you to discuss your next project. Please call 612.234.2877 for more information.

“I have used BAM BAM GRAFix for eleven years. The prints that I have received from them are excellent. The accuracy of color, clarity, and craftsmanship has expanded my understanding of what can be done. The prices are the same other places. The added value is their understanding of the technology and the willingness to share information which in turn helps me create even more interesting works of art.” -Joseph Giannetti, Artist

Featured Artist: Beverly Niznik