Prints from supplied files? Yes we can!

Sometimes we get questions in stereo. Other times we get them in surround sound. Well, this one came in loud and clear from several people this week.

The question… “do/can we print from supplied digital files?” The question is more common now than ever before. We think this is true in part because more traditional illustrators are migrating to digital creation and “making art” on the computer. Photographers and painters have “been here, doing it”. So it appears that we are connecting with an extended part of the creative world. Also, there’s a lot of buzz about artists creating on the ipad and printing the files to huge sizes…mostly on canvas…yes, really…it’s being done. Anyway, back to the question. Yes, we can print from your supplied digital files.

The follow up question is usually “how big can I print?”. And that question is not so easy to answer. There are a few things to consider when answering how big a print we can make from a supplied file. First, what are the dimensions and what resolution is the file? Second, what kind of image was created? Images with mostly flat color fields will enlarge to bigger sizes and look nicer than small images with a lot of fine line detail. Also the material that the image is printed on can make a big difference. Canvas rather than paper can “hide” more of the imperfections that paper can show very clearly. The viewing distance will also have an impact on how large an image can be printed and still look good. All of these considerations can be easily answered by sizing up the digital file and printing a crop of the image in question. Then you can see if the digital file will look good as an enlarged print. Printing a proof is the best way to know how good a supplied file will look.

Did you know that we will print one proof for free from your supplied digital file? Most of the artists we work with know this and now you do too.

Do you have a digital file that you think might look good printed on watercolor paper or canvas? Send us the file and we will give you a free consultation to review your print options.