New! Direct print to wood.

Digital prints on wood is new for us and probably new for you too. We’ve been looking for a way to print directly on wood without having to acquire a new large format printer. We had also hoped that we could use our same ink-set that we use for printing on canvas and fine art paper to print on some kind of wood as a cool alternative medium. We checked with the usual print supply places first. Nothing… Our local hardware stores were a bust too.

Well, with some persistence and some help from a friend, we found what we were hoping for; a wood substrate that we can print on using our existing printers and ink-set 🙂 We’ve worked with a few artists over the last three months printing all kinds of digital images on wood. The look is very distinctive and unlike anything we have been able to do before now. The prints really do a have a “wow” factor. We think these wood prints are going to be an exciting addition to our current print options. No doubt, our wood prints fall outside the normal fine art print and we think that’s a good thing.

We don’t know that we will be able able to keep an ongoing inventory of wood that we can print on (still working on the details), but we have enough now to do several print projects. We would like to hear from you if you are interested in an experimental print project on wood; especially sometime this spring. Send an email with the subject line “wood prints” to discuss the possibilities.

We’ll continue this post with some print examples soon…