• We recommend that you treat your Giclee prints the same as any original watercolor. It should be protected from water and should not be place in direct sunlight. Giclees printed on paper should be frame mounted behind glass. Giclees printed on canvas are protected with an acrylic varnish, however careful treatment is still recommended.
  • We require payment in full with your order. We accept check, money order or use your Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • BAM BAM GRAFix does not allow any images to be printed without the artist’s explicit authorization. We will keep an archived copy of your image exclusively for the production of your edition. All digital files of an artist’s images can be destroyed at his/her written request.
  • Yes! We have fulfillment services available to package and ship to the customers you specify.
  • Submission of any materials such as original artwork, transparencies, or digital images to Imagewise constitutes an agreement by the client that in the unlikely event of any damage or loss the client will only be entitled to a like and same replacement of raw materials or media only. Except for said replacement, our acceptance of images and materials is without warranty or liability. BAM BAM GRAFix certifies that no additional images will be created or used without artist’s permission pursuant to international copyright law. We do not guarantee archivability of any data storage format.
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    ©James Kuether

    ©James Kuether


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